Our wood’s passion was born more than fifty years ago, even before Marino “Giorgio” Maji has created our company.


Around ’50s our founder was contacted by a furniture maker of Monastier di Treviso who entrusted him with the task of finishing the bedside tables; it was this experience that gave him the turning point to his future career.


His strong interest in wood work carried him, made 16 years, to relocate temporarily in Brianza “homeland of wooden furniture” in order to strengthen and acquire new manufacturing techniques.


In 1965 he returned to be hired as the first employee in a small joinery producing of windows, doors and furniture, in San Biagio di Callalta. In those years he held positions with various tasks including driving the relocation of the company in Salgareda.


Joinery from artisan became industry and thanks to the contribution of Marino positioned himself among the world leaders in manufacturing doors for furniture. In order to assert their identity, according to his employers, Marino left the company to create its own reality, beginning a new journey while keeping alive relationship with holders which still works.


In 1989 the company acquired new vitality when joins in his son Xavier, able to expressing great professionalism and attention to market demands.


Over the years the company is strengthened and specializes in the design and manufacture of wooden doors becoming a solid entrepreneurial reality materialised in 1991 in IDEAL FITTING s.n.c making steady with institutional slogan “SAFETY FRAMES COMFORT”.

We are always looking for new opportunities for development and we have been working for many years with the most important manufacturers of window technologies, actively participating in projects for new technical solutions. Our focus is less on the evolution of the technological process by implementing a constant research into materials used to ensure the quality of our products with the utmost respect for the environment.